Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's only a matter of time / today's ailments

until I work in an office park.

Today's ailments

See above.

Yesterday on the bus

Yesterday on the bus someone told me that the best way to fly a kite is with a fishing pole.


Jessica Smith said...

Sometimes office parks have good cafeterias. The best BLT I ever had was at a cafeteria in an office park (a temp job doing data entry at a steel manufacturing place). It's not all bad.

Ray said...

""Yesterday on the bus someone told me that the best way to fly a kite is with a fishing pole.""

Did you believe her?

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Ray--Oh, I totally did. It makes sense. It was a guy though, not a woman.

Jessica--thanks, I suppose, for trying help me be optimistic, but really, a cafeteria, even a good one, is not enough to make me enthusiastic about working in an office park. My mind tends more towards 70s and early 80s horror movies, less towards the good BLT.

Ray said...

oooh, you know what would be fun about an office park??? (i'm not sure what an office park is, but i picture it like a zoo -- lots of little cages/cubicals for lots of people all together) -- make up stories about all of the people!!! the more people the better! about, like, their childhoods and their home lives and their friends and their crazy uncle stanleys. you could have a blast, it could be like a life-sized doll house. of course, this advice is coming from me very tired and a little drunk. so.

but also -- you LOVE horror movies. although, i suppose, it's a different matter to imagine one's self IN one.

i agree with jessica. the cafeteria holds much potential.

Jessica Smith said...

lorraine, what about Office Space? watch that again, then watch Fight Club. then you will be cynical enough to just go to work and earn money and come home.

the worst thing about office parks is the potential problem of having to wear hose in the summer. that, and carpal tunnel.

but, on the plus side, endless free coffee, "free" office supplies, "free" xeroxing, and possibly really great cafeteria food. and the phenomenal happiness of "coming home," which one cannot achieve if one works from home.

i would often like a silly office job, just to have a way of earning money that doesn't require me to care.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Yes yes--and I'm sure you'd not care either when your measly two weeks of vacation was up, either. But most jobs require you to care, eventually. Especially as you get older. Because of my endless office job experience, I can not get a bullshit office job, nor am I, obviously, a VP. Nor do I want to be.

Oh, but we've had this conversation before. I'm complaining about it, but I'm not in academia right now, either. If I were in school, it would be important for me to complain about how sadistic and hypocritical academia is. So sure, get an office job, and you can see which makes you the least crazy. It works well for a lot of folks. I'm ok with it as long as it's not full time, I have no direct supervisor, and I have at least 4 weeks vacation each year.

mike said...

The best way to fly a kite is from the center of a field in a lightning storm.