Friday, July 07, 2006

New Cards

My Friday is jinxed. Or at least my ability to install new fonts is. Why? It's not a complicated process.

I found an old deck of tarot cards.

I need to purchase some new fabric and more flash cards. I used to have an old set for the Arabic alphabet, but I don't know where they've gone. I did find the deck I got at Huang Shan in Anhui. They have pictures of the mountain and captions like "Huangshan magic world" and "Erect double peaks."

Mark and I inherited a little grill, thanks to Sarah and Joe. Sunday we'll go buy some charcol. Anyone have charcol advice?


Jessica Smith said...

why are you buying new fabric? i like your new profile pic. have fun grilling. i miss you.

Joseph said...

Use the kind of charcoal that doesn't need kindling, you can just light it with matches. I think it's called self-lighting charcoal or something like that (though now that I write it out, that doesn't sound right. Self-lighting charcoal?) It's much easier to get the fire going with that stuff.

I don't know if it has an environmental impact worse than regular charcoal. If it does, please ignore my advice.

mike said...

1)Buy regular charcoal and charcoal lighter fluid.

2)Stack the charcoal in a cone shape.

3)Douse coals with fluid and let it soak for a couple minutes.

4)Spray a little more fluid and light carefully.

5)When the majority of the coals are grey spread them out so they all turn grey.

*It takes about a half hour for the coals to turn grey.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Thanks for the advice y'all. I will research the benefits of self-lighting vs regular charcaol. I'm all excited about being able to do stuff, smoke fish, but first I have to deal with the charcoal.

RE fabric. I collect it, not as much as you do, Jessica, but I have stashes of it hidden away for the day I get a sewing machine again.

Jessica Smith said...

i don't really collect it. i just drool over it. though after foursquare i will have lots of scraps of various things; i can make a quilt perhaps.

mmmm smoked fish!

Mark said...

The Crowley Deck is the only deck.

kevin.thurston said...

you won't need fluid is you get a charcoal chimney, which i use often. you dump a whack of charcoal in the chimney (they are maybe 18" high) put some old paper beneath it, lite the papers and come back in 20 minutes. then dump-n-grill.

then again, i may be a tad late on this subject.