Sunday, July 09, 2006

I, for one, am feeling a little hazy

Now what wonders about electronic publishing and experimental fiction (and please refer to the entire post for the complete context):
E-books and audiobooks (especially iPod-friendly ones) will, at least
theoretically, make fiction, innovative and otherwise, more accessible—much like
the World Wide Web has allegedly done. But if anyone can, and anyone does,
"publish" via podcasts and the Web, if "publish" is indeed the word I’m looking
for here, where will the quality of publication go—whatever we may mean by
quality? Or, to put it another way, as I did in an earlier comment: does anyone
really want to know what everyone thinks about anything?

I don't want to know what everyone thinks about everything. But one thing I like about blog land that makes it different, I think, from email discussion lists, is that I can tune in to what I want, or not. And moderate comments, etc.

Here are some things I am thinking about:

It is sunny here. Surprise.

I made scallion pancakes last night. They were good good good.

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Jessica Smith said...

i'm not touching the top part there-- now, anyway--

yes, i like bloglines better than email discussion lists for the same reasons you list.

sunniness and scallion pancakes! mmm!