Sunday, July 16, 2006

I wrote a poem. Writing has been excruciating recently.

I'm sore today, and my yoga mat wasn't sticky, and the wine tastes strange, and the light is too bright, and the dog is howling too loudly, and the people who smoke on the beach are disgusting, and I have to be on a bus tomorrow at 7 am to give ESL placement tests to 59 students from China.

Actually, today was a fairly good day. A normal enough yoga class, a tasty brunch, a hot few hours at the beach with huge waves that knocked me off my feet and dragged me into the shore, causing me to scoop up buckets of sand into my bathing suite. I grilled turkey burgers for dinner and tofu for tomorrow's lunch.

Sorry, Ray, no new pictures of Lester, so here's an old one:


Ray said...

LESter, LESter, LESter, hiii!!!!!

I'm so jealous of your beach stories. Body-surfing? On big waves? That's my FAVORITE thing.

Jessica Smith said...

Writing is always hard, isn't it? It's easier to eat donuts and go to the beach. Or to blog. Or almost anything but write. Hugs!