Thursday, July 20, 2006

Office park / Real Dates

The particular office park in question does not have a cafeteria, and the nearby Starbucks was closed. However, they do have a dog-friendly workplace. It was only my first interview, so I didn't ask if it might also be bird-friendly.


The man and woman across from me on the bus were talking about "real dates."

"Do you even know what a real date is?" She was in her 50s, with bleached hair, denim shorts, and a striped tank top.

He had on sunglasses, acid washed jeans, and an aloha shirt. "Yeah, it's when a fellow goes out and spends a lot of money and acts like an asshole. He he he"

"I never said anything about spending lots of money." She did not laugh.

"I was just trying to be funny."

"A real date," she explained, "is when we get pizza and rent a movie, and then you spend the night."

"Oh, well...I"

"We can have a real date on Saturday."

"I have to go to church on Sunday morning, so we can't have a real date on Saturday night."

The woman was silent.

"You'd better get used to me going to Church."


marwal said...

Sounds like we've been having real dates all the time! Who knew?

But I have to wonder: does anybody know a true war story when they read one? Or a true date story, for that matter?

Jessica Smith said...

oh, i hope they're bird friendly. that would be so much nicer. though dogs are nice too. you could have treats on your desk for other peoples' dogs. it's very nice to have a pet-friendly work space.

that is one crazy bus you ride on. oh! that reminds me of my bus story. when i was in berlin in 2003, i rode the bus to the Freie Universität. So one day I got on the bus, and it was like crazies-day-out--the bus was jam-packed with patients from a mental institution who were going out. But because I had PTSD and was totally out of it, I panicked, because I had caught *this* bus, the bus full of crazy people--like they had come to pick me up, knowing i was One of Them.