Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lester poses / things I like

Things I like about San Diego north county, or whatever the folks around here call it (the place I live)

The air: it is usually dry and smells very very good. Floral, green, or salty. I'm so close to the ocean that it's usually a combination of all these things. I'm still taking allergy medicine like crazy, but I haven't needed my inhaler much.

The birds: I love them all. The quails, the hawks, the herons, the doves, the common house finches, the unidentified small ones who peck at my window, all the shore birds--plovers and terns in all their variety...

The ocean: It's the Pacific. There's no bay, so it just comes at the beach in full force. I feel comforted knowing that when I watch the sun go down it's headed to Asia.

The geography: ok. The suburbs suck. Totally. I hate them. BUT--once you drive inland past Escondidio (and even in Escondido a bit) you're in rolling hills, and then the desert. And pine forests. Where it can snow. It's weird. Even though we haven't been (and I mentioned this before) knowing Mexico is close by is also a comfort, as is the fact that I'm sharing an ocean with Asia, and PNG, and gizo.

The sky is also quite clear here. I mean the night sky. Not like Maine, but still pretty fabulous.

Taco stands and Donut shops!


Ray said...

Lester, Lester, Lester, Lester, Lester!!! Hi! Good bird!

Ian Keenan said...

I want the Pacific Ocean to be bigger than it is. I’m serious.

Have you guys been to Ensenada, probably a 3 hr bus journey? They have a Carnaval.