Thursday, June 01, 2006

I am not the girl of their dreams, and it is wonderful.

Yesterday I drove home from work blasting salsa music. I love it when the dudes in their huge pick up trucks look at me in the Toyota (good gas mileage, not cool) and see me, very blonde, with my very wide-brimed sun hat, wearing very large sunglasses OVER my regular glasses (one day I will get contacts or prescription sunglasses).


I ate at a raw food resturant this evening. It was pretty good. I'm not going to switch to a raw food diet, but I was suprised at how tastey it was. Dinner in exchange for doing some light and enjoyable editorial work for a fellow yogi.

Our waitress was lonley and asocial and kept checking in on us every five minutes, even after we told her to relax and that we'd come get her when we needed something. When we got the check she launched into a story about her bicycle and mass transit in orange county, where she lives. She was very lonely and strange. I suppose people might go to a raw food resturant (or work in one) as a way of finding community. Oh dear.

Lester's listening to the crickets--he seems to understand they're not birds, but he wants to talk to them as if they are.

I'm working on my bird of paradise asana--it's getting better. I can't find the sanskrit name for it--anybody know?


Jessica Smith said...

since ya'll talk to lester like he's a person, i guess it's totally understandable that he wants to talk to crickets like they're birds...

Ian Keenan said...

Blasting salsa is great! You are the girl of their dreams.

I do the salsa-hip-hop-subwoofer thing and will do so into my 90s. When all other issues of noise pollution are addressed in legislation I will turn in my amps and my woofers.

Not to be consumerist especially after discussing travel, but polarized sunglasses do make a big difference during long summer drives -- I misplaced my pair for a month and then found them and not wearing them was giving me headaches.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Ah, Ian, you've not actually seen me in the ensemble described, it's really very nerdy, but thanks.

I'll look into the polarized sunglasses. Wearing two pairs of glasses while driving and being out and about isn't very practical.