Saturday, May 06, 2006

Let's go to

Old pictures from my 2003 trip to Romania. I moved them from dotphoto to flickr. It's spring and I wish to run away. I can't, so I'm obsessing over photos of previous trips.


The Raving Liberal said...

Wow, I typed in your name on the internet and found your blog. I doubt you'll remember me, but we went to GW together. We both took Professor Chaves' Chinese literature class and we both attended the Navy Ball. I have a few photos of you. You can read my blog at, though I hardly ever update it. On myspace I'm at

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Kelly--I do remember you, both from Chaves' class and the navy ball. We studied for the exam together. I'm glad you're here in blogland. And especially glad to know that there are other raving liberals in Southern California!

mike said...

Oh, this is YOUR blog.
I had this piece of paper that said terminal humming.
I've been to Oman (I was medivaced there). It smells like burning poop at night, I don't know why. And I grew up in California (Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside).

Jessica Smith said...

I love "Lorraine with Cow" but I think you should post the one of you on the plain, that looks like a dark Sound of Music.

("a dark valentine" sez cy)

the "navy ball," that sounds very formal and uniformal and dark with alittle bit of diamondy glitter.

hence i avoid my paper.