Friday, May 19, 2006

1. The little dog of an unidentifiable breed and Stinky--the needy, gigalo cat that hangs around the building complex--are having a showdown. Stinky, of course, is winning.

2. Mark called Tom but Tom wasn't there. Jessica was, so we talked.

3. There's nothing better than a strange, unknown and unidentifiable naked man running towards you in the early afternoon!

4. I'm taking my first intermediate/advanced yoga class (since arriving here in SoCal) tomorrow. Expect me to blog about being sore.

5. Mark leaves for the east coast soon. Expect him to be reading at a venue near you in the next few weeks.

6. I've recieved several Dusie chapbooks in the mail! This makes me happy. I'm not finished putting mine together. As usual, I owe a lot of people mail.

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