Friday, May 12, 2006



Jessica Smith said...

Love! LOOOOOVE! Snail! Snoooook!

I mean, ehem, nice picture.

Jessica Smith said...

the slugs in sweden are crazy big. you know little bitty black slugs that you can kill with a pie tin full of beer. well, these could go to the bar and order their own beer. they're big as dildos (gross image, but they are).

when i first got to sweden i was a little freaked out beacuse we went to the park after rain and all the huge slugs had floated up and the footlong earthworms and then a hare darted by, and i had never seen a hair; only the little bunny rabbits of the eastern US garden. i thought it was some crazy kind of dog; it scared the shit out of me. so i thought everything in sweden was gigantic.

François said...

we have gigantic snails and slugs in france too. maybe that's why we can eat them (the snails, not the slugs)

Jessica Smith said...

why don't you eat the slugs?
i wonder if you put beer out for them if it's like a marinade?