Thursday, May 25, 2006

fussy flowers feet

The start of yet another attempt to organize my closet.

So much for summer weather. We're back down in the 60s. I've been noodling with the colors in a logo all morning, and I cleaned up the living room. Obviously, I am fussy today.

I did manage to get into Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose) today. In contrast to my rants about inflexibility, I think my main difficulty in Ardha Chandrasana is actually strength in the standing leg (and yes, maintaining internal rotation with the thigh).

Apologies to my non yogi readers!

Um, ok. Poetry stuff: I'm still writing energetic, loose, and sometimes sloppy prose. I've also been collecting all of the fallen flowers, blossoms and petals that I see on the street. I already have a large and haphazard collection of pressed flowers, I keep meaning to do something with them. But I need to use something other than the flowers, which are a little two sweet for me on their own.

Um, poems. Prose. Still working on the "textural" poems. Still writing stories.

Stinky is outside again, meowing. Lester is peeping. All these persons about!

My yoga teacher yesterday told me that I radiate a lot of masculine energy. I tend to use too much muscular force and turn outward instead of balancing it with, um, soft supple inward movement. So, regardless of whether or not I agree with her and Anusara yoga's assessment of these particular ways of approaching movement as either masculine or feminine, she was right about my lack of inward rotation and my muscular approach to action.

But it's at least partly because I was a ballerina. Until I studied modern, none of my dance teachers ever said much about alignment beyond "don't stick your butt out" and "suck in your stomach."

Oh, I take that back. Once, when I was learning a pas de deux, my teacher, Lucy, told me to think of my hips as my center of movement when approaching a series of small forward sautes in arabesque. That same teacher would occasionally throw in some internal rotation and also "6th position," which was just feet parallel with toes touching. She also had us learn a combination in 5/4 time once.

My favorite thing about modern dance is not always having to dance on one's feet.

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