Saturday, June 03, 2006

The excitment, the madness

I sent some pictures to ~*~W_O_M_B~*~ and they are taking them. Yay! Confidence boost. I worked and did laundry today. And went running. It was almost hot and humid enough that I considered swimming. But it needs to be a little hotter.

And rewrote my resume and coverletter that I use for bids on editorial/writing freelance work. I used a lot of keywords:
Evaluate material for accurate use of references, content, charts, and
statistics. Detect and correct errors in grammar, spelling, and usage.
Review copy for style consistency. Create and maintain style guides for
each publication type, if necessary. Coordinate production with web and
design departments, as well as other writers and editors, if
relevant. Identify and research topics for future publications.



Malty assam tea with condensed milk. Yum yum yum. I am putting together my submission to the anthology.

Finally. And trying to imagine what a full length manuscript looks like. I write in loose, 30 page chunks.

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