Thursday, June 15, 2006

White Ford 4x4 stretch limo pickup truck

is what I saw today on the way home from yoga practice this evening. I am getting more flexible. Who knew I was so bendy?

I also worked at the yoga studio this morning. One of the teachers had me look after her 11 month old son, Austin, while she taught class. We kind of hung out on the floor, or else we played pick a boo games or I sang to him. He also ate heartily of rice cereal and organic pea mush. A baby for an hour is ok. He was so flexible!

Yoga makes me less hostile, and therefore it is difficult to blog. How do all those Buddhists write poems. I'm serious. What would a poem by K. Lorraine Graham that didn't begin in alienation be like? Would it totally suck?

Uh. There's a party outside. Young men and women are cavorting.

I'm going to go eat some yogurt and a banana.

Some animal friends to visit this weekend:

Guam Rail
Sociable Weavers
Polar Bear
Tasmanian Devil
Giant Panda
Komodo Dragon

I like sleep. But I sleep every which way, not just this way:

I am a tandem cycle!

"Tandem Cyclists are the stars of the sleeping world. Tan, relaxed, and wind-swept, they’re always smiling bright, no matter what blows life deals. Disease, public speaking, automotive failure — they take it all in stride, thanks to the steadying power of spending night after night with a best-loved mate at their backs. "

Find your own pose!


marwal said...

I only like to sleep when I'm not supposed to sleep. Down with enforced sleep!

Sin Azúcar said...

Very interesting. Everything tells a bit more about ourselves...body language, the way you sleep, your features and expressiones, your handwriting....we are an open book without noticing it!.