Thursday, June 29, 2006


A boss' friend hit on me at work yesterday. He saw me, looked me up and down and said, "Well! You're not easy to forget."

And this after the conversation in the parking lot with the guy who said he was a healer. "I heal people with my hands," he said. And then spoke about how in Alaska people don't care about age differences, and then something about the path to healing.

Mark and I are meeting Tom on the train to LA tomorrow, and then we're meeting Catherine Daly at the station. I'll post pictures, of course.


Jessica Smith said...

Oh, brother.

DUSIE said...

have fun with Tom and have a great reading Lorraine! you need to start a blog just about all your weird encounters! ha. that is kind of true about the Alaska comment, despite coming from a freak! (his name wasn't 'Freedom' by chance?)

Ray said...

ick. i was just yelled at on the street in front of my office (Eastern Market), complete with a honking horn, a lovely nickname and all.