Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Mark!

And happy summer solstice to everyone else.

Someone examined Mark's astrological chart at the end of graduate school and concluded that he has "intense, unbalanced energy in the higher spheres."

A separate reading of his chart confirms that Mark prefers to take the leadership role when it comes to dealing with others. He enjoys administering and organizing group activities. Others tend to listen to his suggestions because he isn't usually overly domineering or patronizing in his interactions.

So there.

Today Mark and I, um, went to work, exercised, did grocery shopping, purchased a Lambic, bought chairs for the balcony, and ate dinner at Hershels. Later we will sit on the balcony.

Because our birthdays are so close together, Mark and I usually have a two week celebratory period--this takes the pressure off the birthday days. We have had gifts of books and CDs, a visitor (Mike), trips to the zoo and breakfast places, and days at the beach. At the end of the month we're headed back up to LA, and will have another visitor: M. L'Orange.

Mark just asked me "should you watch me have my birthday tequilla shot or should I just have it all by myself."


Ian Keenan said...

Happy birth-fortnight, you two. So you still have a week to go!

Jessica Smith said...

happy birthday mark! i just opened a beer, so Skol! "And many more," etc.

marwal said...

Thanks Jessica and Ian for the birthday wishes. Alas, the tequila shot was as wild as the evening got. We went to bed early and I've spent today editing a manuscript in a fitful way at best.


Ray said...

y d Y a
p B ha o y d
p i t y u p B h
a r T H p i t
H o a r

Ray said...

Ahhh!!!!!! It didn't work!!!! Blogger doesn't APPRICIATE my GENIUS!!!! Anyway, when that was in the EDITTING section of 'leave a comment' before I pushed 'Publish' trust me, it looked REALLY COOL!!!!! I made Mark's initials (MW) out of H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y so just pretend it worked, okay?

K. Lorraine Graham said...

I believe you!

marwal said...

I believe you too, Ray, and thanks for the good wishes! At least you have technology to blame for how your poem looked. But in editing this manuscript I'm trying now to send out, it's clear to me that I'm the only one responsible. It's quite a feeling, I have to say.