Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Two hours two long

I am actually excited about grocery shopping and buying lotion at Target. My feelings about my feelings are complicated.


Jessica Smith said...

today i bought wellies at target
it stopped raining but ray said i would need them and who's to argue about shoes?
i have to buy lotion at CVS. i wasn't excited about it but i am slightly more excited now that you will also be buying lotion. then it is communal even if it wasn't an intentional community.
today the university of wisconsin libraries bought the complete back run of name and an institutional subscription to foursquare (...ok, i was holding onto one for SUNY Buffalo. but UW came along first). your profile pic is cool and blacklighty and i think you had too little to do at work today dear. :)

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Ah. Communal lotion-buying!

That's great about all those institutional subscriptions. Yay!

Yes. It was a slow day. Well, no, not slow, but I had very steady, even work. Usually I'm working on like, at least three or four projects at a time, but today it was only one.

There's only so long I can work on making an index before I need a five minute break.

Jessica Smith said...

i need something. i'm not sure what it is.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Is it one or more of the following?

* Sleep
* Mental Stimulation
* Creative Energy
* Lovin'
* A Trip to Spain
* A Permanent Move to Spain (oh, wait, sorry, I'm beginning to project my own needs)
* Yoga
* A hike in the Canadian Rockies
* A hike anywhere nearby
* A Purring Cat
* Food
* Vegetables, specifically
* Lip Gloss
* A Painkiller
* A glass of pastis with a little water and perhaps a slice of orange
* A really good critical biography
* A unicorn
* The book, The Last Unicorn, and then the cartoon movie.
* Self tanner
* Wine
* Better public transportation
* A unique signiture perfume
* New colored pencils
* Nina Simone singing "Feeling Good"
* More Alienation Effects
* Cage's Singing Through
* Nomadic Peoples
* A scooner
* Learn to speak Urdu flash cards
* A guide to making doiles
* A stereo
* A bath
* A bubble bath
* A better method of organizing your chapbook collection (I suspect you don't need this, but I certainly do)
* Health Insurance
* A trip to the beach
* 15 minutes in the dog park watching the dogs bark and play

DUSIE said...

rywellies...(?) are you british Jessica? :) we always said golashes or rubbers! ha!

and L.,- yes, feelings about feelings are ever so complicated!