Sunday, October 01, 2006

I'm still compiling weird experiences with fruit. But send me your fantasies about death and/or the wilderness, too

Xinjian would be a good place to die alone in the wilderness. Death by thirst would really suck.

Let me be clear, I'm not interested in death, only fantasies about death.

Still trying to read Anne Waldman's Iovis because I'm interested in a Feminist poetic project which is an investigation of the poet's relationship to forefathers.

But I don't have the brain for it now. Where is my brain? Ou est ma brain?

In Chinese the word for computer is "electric brain."

Languages to learn:


Though I should brush up on my Chinese. Editing the text for my chapbook for take home project was super difficult. And all my classical Chinese is self-taught.

I'm attempting a bit of Arabic in preparation for my trip to Oman this winter to visit my dad, stepmum and little sisters. I joined an Oman-based Islamic women's listserv and have had several fascinating discussions about feminism, food, hospitality, and Islam. It's Ramadan, so the conversation is well timed.


tmorange said...

iovis is big. i think tho one can and should feel free to browse in and around it, read things out of sequence, etc. it's less linear and more episodic or periodic i think...


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Ian Keenan said...

It is possible to plow through Iovis if you have a lot of time, but it is perhaps better to enjoy nuggets here and there. One thing I like about it is that the poems are enclosed in moments in time and the introductory life-events of each poem make them into dramatic monologues, tho not of masks but of pure self.