Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tinysides came in the mail today, and also Tao Lin's book--all good reading. Packed for Impunities--Mark and I head up to LA on Friday morning. I also booked Lester's annual vet checkup and made a reservation to board him when I'm in Oman and Mark is in DC in December and January.

I'm worried about leaving him for so long, but we're boarding him at a place that specializes in birds. All the birds are tested to make sure they're healthy before they come in. Lester will be in a room with other small parrots, and he'll get a healthy mix of veggies, fruits, legumes, and seeds to eat every day. The animal friends we live with may like living with us (however it is that individual animals may experience liking), but they don't usually live with us because they have chosen to do so. It's important to do right by them.

We talked about sound and rhythm in the creative writing class today. No one freaked out about my no end rhymes rule for the assignment. We listened to Gertrude Stein, Christian Bok, & Edwin Torres, and read Ted Berrigan and Bernadette Mayer outloud.

The Gilmore Girls irks me. Veronica Mars, at least, has sex. Less drawn out anguished hemming and hawing and fantasizing about all the possibilities.


Jessica Smith said...

your husband is confusing me. i think i was thrown off-guard by the numbers.

the other non-hetero women at UVA have been complaining about GG lately too. I don't get that channel anymore, so i dn't know what's going on.

i bet lester will like living around other birds for awhile. like summer camp.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Mark likes to play with numbers. I think it's too late for me to start thinking that numbers are fun. Oh well. Don't you start calling my husband, too! Yeah, I think that Lester will like being with the other birds, after he gets over the initial peepgrhumph of us having left him.

Jessica Smith said...

i'm just teasing you (about husbands)... living here in VA and seeing people getting married all around me is making me kind of down on marriage too, although as ray will testify, i still have some sort of sacred admiration for it.

Anonymous said...

Veronica Mars Season 3??? Ooh! Tell me about this. I stopped watching it last year (season 2) as it got... ridiculous... but I've gotten my friend Stephanie addicted to Season 1, and as I watch Season 1 all over again, I get excited to retry season 2, so the possibility of a season three is tres exciting!

Hi Lorraine!


Anonymous said...

Yes. Jessica believes in MARRIAGE much more than Lorraine believes.

Me, I barely believe in RELATIONSHIPS! There's tons of excellent people in the world! Why limit oneself to just ONE? I mean, really, it seems totally devoid of logic, but I suppose the next time I fall in LOVE I'll say something different.