Monday, October 30, 2006

too much / to do

According to Squamatologist, the flowers in this picture (taken in early April while walking in the Daly Ranch) are

"Buckthorn (Ceanothus sp.; "Family" Rhamnaceae). It is informally called California Lilac but it's not related to real Lilac. It is commonly found in the Chaparral habitats of California. Native Americans used the flowers as soap. The flowers smell sweet like honey (and are a favorite of bees of all kinds for making just that). An individual inflorescence (bunch of flowers) has a faint fragrance but these large shrubs have so many inflorescences and the shrubs are so abundant, that when they are in bloom, the foothills of southern California are filled with an undescribably pleasant and intoxicating aroma."

They did smell georgeous. Thanks for clearing that up!


A timeline of Oman history. Woo hoo!


This is nearly the very very last site I needed to find. And you can order samples of just about everything. I'm scouting for a bettery spicy citrus fragrance.

I am writing articles about the health effects of video games.

I remember going shopping in 8th grade with a friend and her parents. The friend was looking for a fancy dress to wear to some formal event-I can't remember what. Anyway, there was a georgeous green and blue sequined tank dress. We both tried it on, but it was way over budget and probably ridiculous.

Models dressed up as "rock stars" look stupid.

I need a hair cut.

Bath and Body Works has a limited edition series of Hello Kitty accesories and cosmetics. The lip gloss with a little Hello Kitty charm is cute, but I like my lip gloss to have SPF.

My coffee maker is nearly dead. It still makes coffee, but the last three or four cups of water do not drain through and instead just sit in the filter. I hope it breaks soon so that I can get a coffee press. Hooray for multi-tasking appliances!

I ordered rosewater to make nan-e badami. If I had roses I would make rosewater, but I don't.


Ray said...

LorRAINE. You made a cameo in one of my dreams last night and you were having a PARTY to which you didn't invite me. WhatEVER. Bully.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

It's true. My life in California is a huge party. Rarely do I appear in other people's dreams as myself.

Jessica Smith said...

you often appear in my dreams as yourself. we are usually having coffee or something. but they're not very long, complex dreams. just little visits.

this perfume site looks addictive... i have yet to find the perfect scent, although i'm curerntly liking one from that etsy shop.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

"You often appear in my dreams as yourself"

That's good. No one has been in my dreams lately, as themselves or anyone else--I find this disturbing. Just abstract weirdness or non-narrative adventure dreams (I'm leaping over buildings, swimming across the ocean, etc).

Jessica Smith said...

hey, at least you have superhuman powers in your weird dreams. that's probably a good sign.

Jessica Smith said...

hey, at least you have superhuman powers in your weird dreams. that's probably a good sign.

Ray said...

Well. Um. Fine. Okay, I SUPPOSE I'll forgive you for not inviting me to the party, since you rarely visit other people's subconsciouses, but you visited mine. That was nice. It would have been nicer if you had visited my subconscious to INVITE me to a party, but -- whatever. Thanks for the visit, anyway!

acina said...

I NEED a recipe for nan-e badami. Do you have it?!

Kevin said...