Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mark said something really interesting last night and I was going to blog about it but of course I don't remember. Now, the only things I think about are the fact that I have a nasty blister on my heel, that I have to fold my laundry, that Veronica Mars is on tonight, and that I am in fact reading Iovis and also Lisa Robertson's Debbie: an Epic which I am supposed to already have read and that I have been sneezing a lot recently. Oh and also that the creative writing class I'm teaching begins poetry tomorrow (do wish me luck). We'll start with a conversation about poetry and their experiences with it.

Lorraine's early experiences with poetry:

Songs-By 2nd grade I was a fan of Simon and Garfunkle's song "I am a rock."

Singsong chants-"Sitting in a rocker eating betty crocker watching the clock go tick tock tick tock bannana rock..." etc

Prayer-this is certainly where I became aware of metaphor in written language before I knew it was metaphor, and Baha'i prayers draw on the religious and poetic tradition of Islam and in particular Persian sufis. I didn't learn my biblical metaphors until my college western humanities course.

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Jessica Smith said...

good luck with class!

one day we have to do a clapping-game song performance.