Monday, October 09, 2006

I typed up some poems. The linebreaks etc got messed up in the post, but these are rough drafts of course. These sound, to me, like a continuation of Terminal Humming. At least tonally, but it's too soon to tell.

We had a good weekend hanging out with Dan.

I tried to tell him about the okapi, but couldn't remember the word "okapi."

There was a late night conversation comparing Art Pepper and Paul Desmond. In general prefer Art Pepper's solos to those of Paul Desmond, but the Dave Brubeck Quartet is often better than the band behind Art Pepper. All of this is my true and honest opinion. Mark and Dan said many other things about this, but I fell asleep in the chair with Lester on my finger. I was not like Mina Loy in "Café du Néant" when I did this.

We went to a dumb beach bar and there was a live band with three girl singers who danced choreography similar to Billy Blanks' Tae-bo. They're famous in China. On their website, they're described as an "alternative pop" band, but they were just playing covers at the bar. Too bad. Scott Stephens, the founder, used to be a roller derby champ.

There was an elderly woman at the bar wearing a silver dress. Or was it a rain coat? Or a shirt dress? Was it silver, or silver with little umbrellas on it? It was super.

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L.A. Howe said...

my $.04 (adjusted for inflation):
these do not sound/read to me like a continuation of terminal humming.
they are much more fractured sounding and have a lot of interruption and verbal static present in the lines
they seem to me to be quite a nice development
it goes faaaaaaster! i mean to say
you have injected some speed into your text
nice going