Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm tired and and hypersensitive to texture.

But I am done with grading for the time being. And the bike is fixed.

Perhaps during my next underemployed month I'll take a basic bike mechanics course, that would be fun, and then I can do repairs myself the next time.

One of my ESL students complained that his host father gets overwrought about every single sports event on TV. The host father watches a lot of sports games, alone, and screams and cries at the TV. I actually completely relate to this behavior. Being able to scream and cry about something is great. I can't scream at my online teaching supervisor, so a baseball game is a good thing to yell about. It was the end of the class, and I didn't have time to explain the word "alienation."

Even if you don't get overwrought about sports, I bet you get overwrought about something else. I yelled explicatives this morning while trying to fit the bike in the car (we have no bike rack), and I was glad to yell explicatives. It was great.

This is a picture of of someone in Parsva Bhuja Dandasana, or dragonfly pose. I kind of did this asana on Wednesday.

When I'm doing yoga and my teacher says something about peace coming from within, I always think something like, "yes, but if someone attacks me, it is essential for me to get angry about it and punch them if necessary." This is one of the many places where I differ from the new age pseudo Tantric yoga philosophy I love so much: balance doesn't come from within. Balance is a complicated dynamic. If I am standing on my hands, I need to focus on both my body and the environment.

Everything is a complicated dynamic. Duh.


mike said...

May I just comment on the photo by saying,


K. Lorraine Graham said...

That's often what I'm thinking when I'm trying to get into asanas like that--"WTF, this is crazy!"

Ryan W. said...

unrelated to yoga... do you cover lester at night? lately I have often not been covering arnold at night and his behavior seems much better. it gives him a more uniform wake-up time, because it's not dependent on my uncovering him.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Hey Ryan,

I think the key is pattern: a uniform wake up time (and bed time) is important for most living things to feel good.

This a long description of Lester's (and my) sleeping habits:

I do cover Lester's cage. When Mark or I have to leave before the sun is up, which is a lot, then we uncover him and say goodbye and he goes back to sleep. Rather, I'm pretty sure he goes back to sleep, because when I come home from teaching at 11:30, he is sometimes still in the sleep spot.

If someone is here during the day, Lester likes to sleep until about 10:30, regardless of whether or not we are awake. He peeps when he'd like to get up. Most nights, we're headed to bed by 11. Lester begins to peep at 10:45 if I am not brushing my teeth. Lester likes schedule. I guess I do too.

I think the major problem this weekend was that I was nervous and uptight because of work and the internet problems, and Lester gets nervous and uptight when I am nervous and uptight. His wing feathers have also nearly grown back...

Ryan W. said...

ah. thanks. wing clipping is indeed by far the biggest factor for Arnold when it comes to behavior. it's amazing what a difference it makes.