Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I bought my plane tickets to the east coast.

I'm flying in and out of DC, and then will go up to New York to read at Segue with Tao Lin. It will be good to see people that I haven't seen in a while, and to meet Tao and hear him read, since I haven't done either. This isn't until October but I'm thinking about it because I haven't been on the east coast since I left. Also, because I always think three months ahead, I'm really thinking about December now.

It has cooled down. It=the weather. Does weather cool? I guess the temperature does.

In San Diego, it isn't the temperature outside that matters so much, but the temperature inside. Outside it was in the upper 80s, which isn't that hot, but because the buildings here aren't made for temperatures above 75, it was hot inside. Very hot. In the winter, it is cold inside. I don't turn on the heat because it is an old heating unit that is basically like a very large stove burner--it's creepy. Anyway, after spending time in San Diego, I've become more sensitive to heat, but not the cold. I don't know what it means that my temperature point of reference is inside and not outside. This is like using a treadmill workout to describe a walk outside.


mark wallace said...

A colleague at work said to me, "We only use natural ocean hair as our house's air-conditioning. But the air-conditioning went out this weekend."

mark wallace said...

Air, I meant. Not that ocean hair can't be fascinating.

mike said...

Stop by Maine. It's lovely.

DUSIE said...

when exactly? I just bought tickets home at a ridiculously cheap rate! but we go from the 30th of OCT for an entire month! would love to see you!