Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I hate putting away my clothes

I hate it.


mark wallace said...

We all gotta do things we hate sometimes.

"You're telling me."

Ray-Ray said...

I hate it, too.

I really, really do.

My clothes are all over my floor right now but I don't really like that either siiiiiiiiigh.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

You're telling me. I don't like to put clothes away and I don't like it when they are all over the floor. Blech.

(One of my students used this expression today, after I devoted nearly 10 minutes to explaining it yesterday)

My clothes are in my closet, but not put away. That's one step in the right direction.

Ernesto said...

he he. i hate it as well! especially now that the weather is less sunny.... ugh