Thursday, July 26, 2007

One of my students was held at the border for nearly 8 hours

--immigration said that when they ran his visa through the database, the database said his visa had been canceled because of poor attendance. I'm the one who made his attendance record, and it has been good.

Bureaucracy sucks. Data entry sucks!

They nearly sent him to Mexico City, but after many hours, they decided that he was telling the truth, and one customs official gave him documentation to enter into the US again and apply for a new student visa. They did that for him, but they wouldn't call our school to verify his attendance.

Also, I went swimming today, the water was warm.

Printed the covers for my Dusie chapbook, with the help of Mark. I'm sure mine will be the last one to go out.

I'm a bit tipsy, so I'm imagining getting lost somewhere and dying a violent death. Maybe Micronesia.


Jessica Smith said...

will you send me a chapbook?

Small Fry said...

Yes indeed, when they are assembled, for sure.