Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I like grocery shopping.

Today, I remembered that I like frozen waffles, so I am going to get some frozen waffles.

And also, Mark and I are going over to his cousin's house to grill. She has a big grill, so I am going to grill something that I can't really grill on our small grill. What should I grill? Stone fruit, for sure. But that will be dessert.

And now, because I want to, and because okapis are awesome, I leave you with a picture of an okapi.


Jessica Smith said...

it's like a zebra deer. with that concerned facial expression that emus have.

douglang said...

I love grocery shopping, too. I'd like to go everyday, but my favored store (Whole Foods) is a twenty minute walk (or a $1.75 Metro ride) away. I'll go today on my way hoe from a meeting at the Corcoran: apples, peaches, cherries, and bread.

I like the okapi.

Buck said...

grilled okapi is good

Small Fry said...

Doug--Fruit is good. Mmm.

Buck--Hi! (As if you know about Okapi, living or otherwise).