Sunday, July 22, 2007

Because at first it looked like half a leg.

There was a woman in yoga today with an artificial leg. Rather, an artificial calf and foot. We were practicing next to each other and I just thought she was doing modifications for an injury (which, maybe she was, I don't know how she came to not have a calf and foot on one leg). I noticed her artificial limb while I was upside down in a standing split and fell over. It is probably a cliche to say that this woman next to me was inspiring and amazing, but she was.

I keep seeing advertisments (on billboards, while I am in the car) for Bodies...The Exhibition. Apparently, more than 250 real, plasticized human specimens are on display.

Real plasticized.

All of the human specimens are legally obtained from China. Several from Dalian. I spent a very nice weekend in Dalian once--my friend and I smoked a lot of hash and opium, and then my friend was mistaken for a prostitute at a club, so we left.

According to the San Diego Tribune, "Bodies bring on the Bucks."

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Ryan W. said...

didn't realize this exhibit had many locations. I thought it was just a roslyn (nova) thing. I intend to go.