Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The statidum in Cleveland is called Quicken Loans Arena. So much for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Camille P.B. has some more post moot stuff up on her blog, including a video of Keith Tuma reading "Pigs" on Sunday, and a work of reappropriation on Steve Lansky's "Bratwurst. Ra ra!


Well. The post about twee and contemporary poetry is going to take a while.

Blogging about the yoplait is easy, however. So light and fluffy! But Jessica's right--avoid the flavors like "orange cream" and "lemon chiffon" and "key lime pie." I like their basic fruit flavors. I did have a chocolate one that was pretty good, but a little too sweet.


I continue to think about the issue of gender and public space. In part because of conversations with friends, in part because I'm reading about dance (dance is performed shared public space), and in part because of my still recent change in location. There's a deffinite mistrust of urban public space here in San Diego--but the beach is mostly public, which is astounding.

I want to read Beyond Chinatown: The Metropolitan Water District, Growth, and the Environment in Southern California, by Steven P. Erie.

There's a romance here about wide open spaces ("don't fence me in," etc). At the same time, or maybe because of, there's strong denial of the actual environment and geography. Water. Mudslides. Forest fires. The supposed lack of rain.

I also want to read Mike Davis' Ecology of Fear: Los Angeles and the Imagination of Disaster. Mayhap this summer.


Jessica Smith said...

i liked the chocolate because it was less calories than chocolate ice cream. but then i decided i didn't care. a nd i should just eat chocolate ice cream.

cheers for drinkable yoghurt, in the u.s. called "smoothies" in the yogurt section.

public space is exhausting.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

It's true--if you really need chocolate, then you should just go for the real thing. It's good for you. It has antioxidents in it!

The drinkable yoghurt stuff is good. Mark and I lived off keifer in Spain and France. Whole Foods sells it. It is good. It is good for the stomach.

Yes. Public space is exhausting.

Ray said...

But sometimes Public Space is exhilarating.

Chocolate mousse is my favorite in the world.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Agreed--exhilaration and exhaustion often appear together.

Chocolate mousse is good. I remember the first one I had. My aunt made it. Mmm.

tmorange said...

i like the key lime pie flavor, what i distrust tho is "custard style" which is short for "includes gelatin" (i.e. cow bones, yuck).

Anonymous said...

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