Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Soviet Poets / Crashing Programs

Adobe InDesign keeps crashing and my right hand is sore from all this typing. I suppose that means it's time to make dinner.

Why do so many San Diego apartments have wall to wall carpet? Carpet is terrible. I've spilled tea and wine on it repeatedly. Of course, carpet does mean that we've broken less glasses...

Michael Buble gave a concert here in San Diego that was poorly reviewed, and angry readers wrote letters to the editor about it. One reader went off into a diatribe about how awful it is that rap music has been allowed into the Oscars. Great--these are the paramaters for taste. Wonderful.

It's raining in San Diego even though the official weather policy is that it never rains.

I'm reading Ara Shirinyan's chapbook, Soviet Poets (Umbrellad Devil, no date but I believe it's from 2006), which is providing some cheer today. Here's a sample in honor of my former student Volodymyr, who I see just wrote me an email:

"He is seeking his own ways of developing modern
poetic diction and in doing so draws on the wealth
of the Ukrainian language. He is an innovator not
only as regards to form but also as regards to

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Alp said...

Hi Lorraine !
How're you? Long time no talk ?! :)
At last, we're again getting together with Rachel tomorrow. We'll go to some museums! It's fun :) The spring also knocked on the door, now the summer's waiting at the door, so we need to celebrate it ! Hooray Yay ! :))
How's life going there? Your writing style utterly changed! You're writing about social stuff :)) Thanks!!! :))