Thursday, April 20, 2006

nephew / Cunningham / Bausch

My nephew is Liam Thomas Murphey Graham. I like this name. Liam is strong, a bit unusual, but not too unusual.


I've started reading Roger Copeland's critical biography of Merce Cunningham. I'm always interested in how Cunningham's choreography (and the music and the stage and costumes) shift the focus from the bodies of the dancers to the bodies of the audience. Copeland places this shift in the context of a move away from impassioned abstract expressionism (and of course, Martha Graham and primitivism).

Copeland also places Cunningham's work in a kind of dynamic tension with Pina Bausch. I know little about her work and have never seen her company perform. There's a pretty good profile / interview of her here, good enough to make me want to learn more.


I wish I had a scanner. I used to. It was old and became older and stopped working, alas.


Tonight is grocery shopping and Hershels night. I am going to have a ruben sandwhich on dark rye bread. Because of Hershels and tacos, I look forward to grocery shopping. I've probably already blogged about grocery shopping before.


Jessica Smith said...

mmmm ruebens are good. if the meat is good. sometimes it is stringy and fatty. it really depends on the meat.

i'm so impressed that you're reading about merce cunningham. that's at the periphery of my world. i have a cd called "music for merce" (cage, feldman, etc.) you can have. it is not merce cunningham it is music for her to choreograph.

Ray said...

Lorraine! You're an Auntie!!! Congradulations! Liam is a Good name.

Grocery shopping is one of my favorite things. There's so much! And everything is bright! And colorful and shiny. I get very excited about grocery shopping.