Monday, April 17, 2006

Nephew / Sisters / Drawings / Monks

Erin gave birth to my nephew / my nephew was born in Berkeley early this morning at 1:06 am--a healthy 7 lbs 12 oz. Although he doesn't have a name yet, I'm sure he's busy developing asserting his personality already!


I also received a postcard from my sisters today. I mentioned before that I got their age wrong on the birthday card. Ugh. I really did think I was still a year younger than I am, which would have meant that they were turning 6. While I am clearly old, forgetful and preoccupied with dubious things, my sisters are obviously intelligent, thoughtful, and creative--they even say hello to Lester:

Here's a report from Post Moot. More pictures (not scans, so they're a bit blurry) are up at flickr.


I met Mettanando Bhikkhu today, and found him personable, intelligent, and, well, impressive. He was visiting my boss for a few days and lead a noon mediation in which I participated. I'm not in the habit of meditating with my coworkers, but found it did help me relax and focus. I couldn't feel my hands or legs at all at the end of the mediation. They weren't asleep or numb, I just felt like I was floating. Yes, I did just write that.

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Jessica Smith said...

Maybe erin can mitigate the boy's boyness by naming him something bigendered, like Ryan or Carey.

There were a brother and sister in teh grades above and below me in high school, and their names were Blair and Austin. Which was which?

Lookin' fwd to perusing your notes... after I finish my taxes and spend my paltry refund at Old Navy...