Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Things that are true

I went to the farmers market today and bought many greens. The usual kale etc but then also other greens I don't know the names of. And I bought tamales for dinner--pork with green chili, made without lard. They are really good.

It is sunny.

Lester is fluffy.

I live in California.

I am working on another web page for someone.

I tutored today.

I am going to go for a run.

I will put on sunblock before I do that.

I bought milk at Albertsons.


mike said...

You should have bought your milk at Hugh's. And you are too are way too stoked about living in California. Especially because you don't even live in the good part.

Small Fry said...

Yes, it is a personality trait of mine that I generally appear to be cheerful and happy regardless of the situation.

I'm a poet, but the last thing I'm going to talk with people about is how I'm feeling.

There are no Hugh's around here.