Thursday, May 24, 2007

I am going to prepare lunch

I'm having trouble writing things. I wish that blogger wouldn't mess with my spacing. But that is not why I'm having trouble.

I've been consciously eating more fruit and vegetables this week. Fruit and vegetables with every meal and at least two fruit/vegetable snacks during the day.

Increasingly I'm writing in complete sentences. I want line breaks, so when I type up my drafts, I insert line breaks.

I think writing in my notebook is too slow and contemplative. If I try to write while sitting on my balcony, I usually end up writing about bird song and stuff. I love birds, but there are too many references to birds in post-avant writing. One must be careful about the use of animals in poems. I'm a sucker for lyric + birds, but sentimentalism makes me cringe because I am often sentimental about animals and baby animals. It's just a step from loving the cute fluffy bird to loving the cute fat baby and then the angelic mother baking a cake. Feeling sentimental about something is very close to thinking that it isn't important, or supposedly can't really be important in the real world.

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Ann_Bogle said...

Lorraine, I've been meaning to write a note to tell you how much I like reading your blog. Your style is difficult to characterize (I think you've heard this) but somehow definite. I've thought to say "minmalist," but it is poetic, too.

I'm getting a name for myself in promoting childbirth to women who are yet young & happy enough for it; don't let anyone fool you: marriage & family are essential human rights. My 40-yr-old sister is currently waiving in favor of being the plaything of a 62-yr-old vasectomized rich man. She would have ranked among best moms we can think of, but she is afraid to give up the endless game of being attractive.

To read an account of happy motherhood from a poet, see Texta at, authored by a grad. school friend of mine and predictably brilliant.

On birds (wh. I love) see mine on bluejays at Ana Verse. Best wishes, keep up the good tones!