Saturday, May 19, 2007

Getting Better

I had kind of a dinner last night--a cup of cold cooked rice and lentils-- and several glasses of Pernod super diluted with water. It soooooothes the stomach. And I had kind of a breakfast this morning, so I'm on the mend. I'm a seasoned traveler. Sometimes I don't get sick at all, and then sometimes I have major nausea. I have swooned and fainted on many trains.


I just spilled my tea all over my lap.


When I was in Oman, I told people I was visiting from Washington, DC. In Vancouver, I told people I was visiting from San Diego, CA. In DC it was kind of fun and ironic to look Californian (at least to someone from the East Coast). Here, my very blond hair and love of 70s style are no longer ironic. Maybe they were never ironic.


Jessica Smith said...

glad you're
1. home
2. beginning to feel better

sorry about the tea.

pretty jellies.

missactis said...

hey friend,

i am a rat too!