Monday, May 07, 2007

T minus 3 days

I am sore. My pincha mayurasana continues to improve, and I don't really even need the wall anymore. I like back bends and I like being upside down--both are the opposite of what I do all day, so pincha has become one of my favorite asanas. I've also been working drop backs to urdhva dhanurasana, although I still need the wall to come up.

May and June in San Diego are usually overcast and cold, but today it is 75. Unseasonably warm. There are dudes swimming in the little swimming pool. Lester and I are having a pity party. Poor us, we have to work. Well, only I have to work. I am grading and Lester is molting. His mood has improved, and he hasn't screeched once yet today. He took a shower, which always helps the pin feathers.

I don't think classification essays should be taught in composition classes. They just encourage students to make stereotypes and be overly-general.


-k said...

I either don't do them or I turn them inside out, i.e. "Limits of Classification." Except even the latter assumes a privileged position from which to critique the norm.

T-minus 13 days (end of semester)
T-minus 4 days (mom arrives)

Glad you liked the pink wig on R. I wonder does he call everyone "Fluffy" or just me?

I'm reading Ginsberg's journals from age 11 through college (newly published in The Book of Martyrdom). He saw a LOT of movies as a kid (age 11: "Watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs -- exceedingly good. Sat through three showings"). At age 17 he lists a couple hundred words of sexual vocabulary. Well, it's very entertaining, and it's great to read in the middle of the night.

Small Fry said...

I wish I had the option of not teaching classification essays or teaching them in another way. I don't like working with template syllabi. Blech.

The Ginsberg journals certainly do sound entertaining.

Rod will call anyone Fluffy who lets him.

Ryan W. said...

Rod calls me fluffy. he'll probably be calling me fluffy in an hour or so.