Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm a bit amazed that there was a time in my life when I used words and phrases like "nuclear socialism" and "ops mounting dialogue."

I proofread, again, the first serial poem ("If this isn't an interview I don't know what to say") in my manuscript and am happy with it. The diction/vocabulary in this series is laced with wonky DC think tank language and references to the research into missile defense systems and US-China relations: "At least headhunters understand pain. If it doesn't blow up, I'm not going to write about it." I remember writing poems from staff meeting and briefing notes. I'm also noticing that these poems have lots of line breaks. Crazy line breaks. I haven't been able to really write anything with line breaks in months. This manuscript reminds me that I can do it.

We bought Rum today to make dark and stormys. It's supposedly going to be hot here next week (that means maybe in the 80) and that's a perfect time to have rum and ginger beer over ice on the balcony. They're too sweet for me to have more than one, and it's worth it to get super good ginger beer with a nice bite.


Kim said...

there's a type of ginger beer that josh and i really like that's extra gingery... i tend to like my ginger beer with gin. one of my favorite summer drinks (sometimes with a maraschino cherry in it even though i know they are pretty toxic...)

alcohol is the hardest thing to give up while gestating. especially during the summer there are so many that I like to make... mostly with gin.

Small Fry said...

Gin is lovely--I'll have to try the ginger beer with it. And what's the brand of the extra gingery ginger beer you all like so much?

I hope your gestation continues to go well!

Kim said...

it's Reed's ginger brew. they have an "extra ginger" variety, which is quite a lot spicier... but josh, being the insane man that he is likes to grate a little fresh ginger into it for even more bite...

Reed's is pretty much the standard hippie store ginger beer around here, we can find it at the grocery store, but sometimes the extra ginger is hard to find ;)