Thursday, January 25, 2007

We are not rockstars even though we rock

Not even a little.

Things I want to write about (starting with fears):

1. Fear of producing really crappy "visual" pieces and then having it be published because I am a woman.
2. Fear of going back and doing any kind of sound text stuff.
3. Continued interest in some kind of a "performative" aspect of reading, without really any interest in becoming a "performance" poet.
4. Continued interested in seeing/participating in pieces that use language and movement/dance/gesture (inspite of what I said in #3) that are not either 1) really cheesy 2) too much of a muchness or 3) overly-determined by theoretical implications.
5. I am glad that POD exists and is getting better, but it also means that I trade with people less often. Therefore, I have less new books and am reading fewer new books. This is not true of chapbooks. I can afford chapbooks and trade chapbooks. So I have read many new chapbooks.
6. I want to write more reviews, but I want to write reviews that are interesting and usefull, not just la la yippy yo, etc.
7. Fear of not seeing enough art. Fear and aggrivation.
8. Fear of paying taxes.
9. Frustration with poetry trends. This is vague, I know. All trends. Even the ones I like.
9.5. Fear of strange allergic reactions.
10. Feeling burdened by the weight of Muriel Rukeyser's Collected, but wanting that kind of weight. Wanting something saying something.

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