Sunday, January 28, 2007

Market Research

I spend a good two hours today filling out application forms for various community college jobs. Why, O why, if you ask for my CV, do you also want a tedious form containing the exact same information? I have a long, complicated employment history. I am so f-ing professional! Why do you want the form? To file, of course, but why else? It seems like a lot of effort for a position I'm unlikely to even interview for, but I need to go through the process.

I got a hand blender this weekend thanks to Mark's dad. It is very exciting. I made a smoothy this morning, and then I used the food processor attachment to blend spices for the marinade I made for the fish this evening. Yay! It chops! It blends! It fluffs and whips! It is small and easy to clean! Goodbye (broken) blender and food processor, goodbye!

I start teaching ESL again tomorrow. I am a morning person, sort of, but anytime before 7 is really too early. Tomorrow morning will be too early, but I will be awake. I will explain present unreal conditionals. The unit I'll teach is about sleep deprivation, so I'm sure we'll all have plenty to talk about.

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AB said...

I've been applying for CC jobs too. CURSE THE FORMS. The forms are hell. I don't know if you've taught at a CC, but once you get the job there are often an unreasonable number of forms to fill out, as well.