Monday, January 29, 2007

6:30 was early

My ESL class is only 5 students--really almost a perfect size.

I am reading my Chinese book, 101 American Customs. Here the English text from "Passing Out Cigars":

"In primitive ceremonies an individual blessed with the arrival of a baby shared his fortune with the community, to avoid the envy of both his fellows and the gods. The smoke of a proud papa's pipe drifting toward the heavens was a sort of appeasement to the heavenly powers. Today's father's distribution of cigars to celebrate the arrival of a baby maybe regarded as a modern variant of this ritual."

And "Demolition Derbies":

"Demolition derbies are large-scale automobile rodeos that take place in large arenas. The entrants pay a fee to drive their dilapidated autos into each other, and the last car moving is declared the winner. Demolition derbies reflect the Americans' fascination with cars and provide a form of entertainment whose main appeal is that of wanton destruction."


mark wallace said...

My graduate seminar creative writing workshop has 25 students. Not so perfect a size--ouch.

Ray said...

hahahahhahahahahahahhahaaa those Chinese interpretations of American customs are WOnDERFUL

Ryan W. said...

wow, that's really awesome. I may just order this book. Mark should maybe look into The Zombie Survival Guide, which this somehow reminds me of. And which he would like, possibly. I've found it quite engrossing.