Sunday, January 07, 2007

Responsibility sneaks back

Sarah admires her sand angel somewhere on the northern edge of the Wahiba Sands:

Things to do, some pleasant, others not:

1. Send work to Area Sneaks (this one is long overdue, but finally I have something I think is right for it)
2. Finish several reviews with February deadlines
3. Finish editing the 16 short articles I took with me to edit
4. Lable all my Oman pictures on flickr before I get on the plane
5. Buy a few remaining gifts and such at the souk
6. Make macrame and shell necklaces with Allison
7. Hike the old road between Muscat and Mutra (tomorrow afternoon)
8. Copy Mary's recipes for dal and naan
9. Finish a typesetting project
10. Write bids for a few upcoming projects & send my resume to two organizations
11. Complete applications for tenure-track jobs at a MiraCosta Community College.
12. Exercise, eat well, walk across the floor on my hands, buy real estate in Paris & Istambul, etc.


Ray-Ray said...

you should post the recipe for naan. i LUUUUUURVE naan.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Mmm, yes naan is goooood!

Joseph said...

Yes! Send work to Area Sneaks, Lorraine!