Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Umbrella Above our Table at the Julian Pie Company was as Beautiful as the Pie

1. Finishing my essay on Alma and other things for the Feminist poetics panel at Press this weekend. It's not really an essay, and it's not really finished, but I think it will be a good "talk." I've never been one for reading my paper as a presentation start to finish anyway.

2. Trying to familiarize myself wtih Pig Angels of the Americlypse; looking forward to rehearsing and performing.

3. Laundry and getting Lester ready to head off to the vet for boarding tomorrow.

4. Packing. I like packing. I'm not sure if I'll bring any dresses. Certainly I will bring some heels.

5. Organizing my poems for readings both at the conference and later in Seattle in the Subterranean Yak series.


Ryan W. said...

when I googled it, google said "Did you mean: Pig Angels of the Africlipse"

Ryan W. said...

here it is: http://sibila.com.br/sIbyl71americlypse.html