Sunday, May 18, 2008

No broken bones, just sore--but in a good way, not an injured way.

It's important to be decisive when you're doing any form of acrobatics. A half-assed jump up into handstand doesn't work. And if you're the base/support, you can't be indecisive about when you need to come down. You need to be able to know you're done about five seconds before you're done so that you don't collapse with everyone balancing on top of you. Being indecisive especially doesn't work when you're doing handstand on someone's ankles while they're in plank and someone else is doing an inversion on their back.

I took the acro-yoga workshop because I don't feel comfortable doing partner work; I don't want someone to support me, literally or figuratively, I want to support myself. Acro-yoga is all about partnership. I'm usually game for anything in a yoga class, but it was amazing how timid and even negative I was at moments about some of the balances and inversions we did. I do much better when I know the person being the "base"/support.

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