Thursday, May 01, 2008

It's not my favorite song on the Nuggets box, but still

Dance Round the Maypole is a classic--that's a link to a short MP3 of the song, should you not be the proud owner of Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts from the British Empire and Beyond, 1964-1969.

Other favorites include "How Is the Air Up There?" by The La De Das, and "I am Just a Mops," by the Mops.

However, it's May Day, so our focus must be "Dance Round the Maypole," by the Acid Gallery. It's disc 4, track 20, just in case you need to play it right this minute! Otherwise, listen to the link above, and read these wondrous lyrics.

"I like your boy," said Caroline to Jane
"You must know why, for it's the first of May"
Let's go dancing on the green
Fair girls one to seventeen

Dance round the maypole, dance round the maypole
Over the green field and down to the hay
Lift up your hearts and dance round the maypole
Run to your true love and dance all the day

Said my friend, who's a handsome Cavalier
"You and I will escort her to the fair"
Bluebells round the cherry tree
This girl gave them all to me


One minute seemed to to be right
When she expressed her delight
At finding sixpence in her shoe
How can you romance a heart
And gaze on out to the stars
When there's a shadow chasing you

3rd verse
This young girl threw her cares into the well
Now I've learned Father Time has rang the bell
No more dancing on the green
Since I've found another scene


La la la la la la la .....


tmorange said...

how bout that fucking fashion statement?

i should get on the ball and read alma along with you...


K. Lorraine Graham said...

They looked way more edgy than their songs...

Yes, do read Alma, I need all the input possible.