Sunday, April 29, 2007

I can now find my way from Redcat to Little Tokyo and back. I could probably make it to Hollywood from there as well. Maybe to Eagle Rock.

I always have fun when I go to LA. Was especially glad to hear Caroline Caroline Bergvall and Dodie Bellamy read/speak.

I am drinking pinot noir, which is kind of a rare event for me.

I'll be compiling my notes this week and scanning my doodles, which are more texty than usual.

I had some good ramen in little Tokyo and also some good potato tacos.

Several people mentioned Jessica Benjamin and intersubjectivity, which made me happy.

I like the people that I know in LA.

WACK! is a large, amazing show--I couldn't really absorb it all in a few hours. I did sit down and watch all of the short films I could, including several Yoko Ono pieces that I probably should have seen already but hadn't.


Michelle Detorie said...

missed you! we were in and out and only managed to catch the last panel. WACK is indeed amazing; I need to go back. I also really liked the Alexandra Grant stuff and that lipstick(!) piece at the grand avenue MOCA. I love LA. I wish we lived there instead of Santa Barbara.

Small Fry said...

Oh, I'm sorry to have missed you. We're just going to have to schedule a meeting or something in LA or Santa Barbara or San Diego.

Yes, I could have seen that show several times over, for sure!

Michelle Detorie said...

yes, we'll def have to schedule a get together!