Sunday, April 22, 2007

But, honestly, I didn't think I could actually become blonder.

My hair is getting even blonder, and my eyebrows are turning blond. I've blogged about this before. It disturbs me. I never used to have blond eyebrows. Always blond hair and dark eyebrows and eyelashes. I like the color of my hair. Maybe now that my eyebrows are lighter, people will stop asking me if I dyed it and what shade it is.

In college, I went through a few years of dying it red, then brown, and it was also pink and blue. I just don't look punk even with punk hair. Then I bleached it and it was sort of a baby chic yellow. Then I bleached it again and it was white and half of it fell out. Then I stopped dying it and grew it out, and now it is the color that it is, seven years later.

A friend mentioned that in the town where she lives (according to her hair stylist) salons constantly have to restock two very specific shades of blond--one ash and one honey. The college girls' hair doesn't just look like it's the same color, it really is the same color.

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