Saturday, April 07, 2007

Catching up on reading

Sandra Beasley's Small Kingdom (Tinyside #30, Big Game Books). Snuggly domesticity and animals, itemized objects and lots of sorting. Implications of hoarding and then cleaning out. Compare beloved to plants and other objects: "The way we must make all loves smaller before they can enter our kingdom."

Joanna Fuhrman's Clone School (Tinyside #28, Big Game Books): Like a cabinet of curiosities, or a carnival, or at the carnival. Titles evoke a contemporary Art Deco or Fin du Siecle aesthetic like "By the Skeletons of Hurdy-gurdy Monkeys and Other Journeys Toward Nanotechnology." Lots of interaction between animate and inanimate objects/beings--"The house made of birds of paradise fronds / kicked me out." Bodies are usually in pieces--a dancer's limb, a lover's tongue.

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