Friday, December 12, 2008

This week has been horrible

I love roasted cauliflower. It began with a cauliflower gratin several months ago. Then the roasted cauliflower soup on Thanksgiving. Now I want to make cauliflower everything--it's a winter vegetable, after all. I'm remembering, too, how much Indian food uses cauliflower, so tonight I'm making something vaguely Indian. It's a good excuse to use some of the mustard seeds I've been hoarding.


Stan Apps said...

Sorry about the bad week. Sounds like the good food is (mostly) making up for it.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Hey Stan,

Thanks. I think this coming week should be marginally better. It better be. I do find cooking relaxing...especially if it results in good food.

shanna said...

me too. you, me & some vegetables some day will have to get together for dinner. :)

sandrasimonds said...

Hope that this week is better.