Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More more mysteries.

I am still grading. Still and always. Until May, when I will only be partially employed for a few weeks.

In between teaching and grading and grading again, I did something that looked kind of like this:

Except not quite. I can hold my toes, but I can't put my forehead on my foot. And my hips aren't nearly as square or as rooted. Rajakapotasana is a wacky pose, and it seems completely astounding to find my toe, there. It doesn't ever seem like it could possibly be my toe. But I am glad it is my toe and not someone else's, which would be even weirder.

Many people, including Mark, are at the &Now Festival, just up the road from us.


Ryan W. said...

I wish I could do that. I would like to see my toe there.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

It is pretty exciting--I can't always do it, and I can't really see my toe, just feel it. But still!

mike said...

That's how I genuflect.