Monday, April 14, 2008

It will long and perhaps monotonous.

The house finch hatchlings are getting larger and louder every hour--they're nesting in the most protected corner under the awning of our balcony. As usual, one of the chicks is more curious or courageous than the others, and s/he eyes me from the nest while I eat my breakfast or lunch (the others usually only stick their heads up when it's time to feed).

Other mysteries:
  • My nails are getting long
  • My left thumb-knuckle is still recovering from its sprain
  • I made twice as much money in 2007 as I did in 2006.
I'm going to write a poem with DOD acronyms. It will go on longer than you want it to.

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mike said...

I have a booklet from the basement of National Geographic that is a glossary of space acronyms given by NASA to the first journalist covering the space program. It is signed by some old Nat Geo journalist.
I made an audio poem called "Space Age Glossary" using the booklet as a reference.