Monday, March 10, 2008

Real Jobs

One of my current students found my myspace page last weekend, and friended me. Most of my students on myspace eventually do find me, so it wasn't unusual. However, after class today he asked, "so, your real job is as a writer?" I told him it was, and he didn't respond with the disbelief or obvious discomfort that other people sometimes have. This little exchange stands out because he concluded that my real job is as a writer, where as teaching is something I do "on the side." That isn't quite true, but it's the exact opposite of the conclusion that people usually come to, so I thought it was interesting.

List of my current jobs:
  • Teaching English as a foreign language
  • Teaching developmental English
  • Tutoring people about writing
  • Designing t-shirts
  • Doing research for a marketing company
  • Creating marketing materials & public relations materials for a local yoga studio
  • Managing the web site of that same studio
List of my current writing, art, and editorial projects
  • Diligently shopping my first book manuscript around to all the places people said I should, even though I'm pretty sure I already know how it will eventually be published.
  • Editing my second manuscript. Getting ready to, yes, diligently send it around.
  • Kind of putting together a third. I don't think the third is really a manuscript--the pieces are too disparate to make a coherent book.
  • Writing my fourth manuscript.
  • Still working on "Memory Lessons," a series of visual pieces.
  • Thinking already about my contribution to the 2008 Dusie project, now that the 2007 one is complete and live.
  • Little bits of an essay thinking about the concept of "The Gurlesque." I need to plan ahead so that I have something to say by the time the anthology edited by Lara Glenum and Arielle Greenberg comes out from Saturnalia in 2009. I've been a slllooowwww critical writer recently.
  • Little bits of a review on Lara Glenum's The Hounds of No, even though it's been reviewed. Maybe the review and the essay will be the same thing. Maybe I'll send them/it to Absent.
List of current yoga projects:
  • Dropping back into urdhvadhanuasana from standing. Standing up from urdhvadhanuasana.
  • Jumping up into handstand from two feet but with straight legs.
  • More flexible hips, hamstrings, psoas, and quadriceps. So, that means a lot of hanumanasana and krounchasana.
  • Learning and memorizing all the asanas named after birds. Krounchasana is the "heron pose--a very appropriate homage and counter balance to my bike rides around the lagoons.

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